Value Added Services: Fourth Schedule To The Service Tax Regulations 1975

Value added services in relation to the Second Schedule under the heading “Taxable Services” in Group G.

1. Itemised billing/Hot Billing
2. Speed dialing
3. Last number redial
4. International direct dialing
5. Mobile data
6. Mobile fax
7. Absent subscriber
8. Malaysia Direct
9. Voicemail/Voice messaging/Talk mail
10. Call divert
11. Call park
12. Call forwarding
13. Call waiting/holding
14. Mutiara Staff Plan
15. Auto call back
16. Reminder call/Reminder alarm
17. Call conferencing/Multi-party conferencing
18. Freephone (domestic and international)
19. Call charges display
20. Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)/Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)
21. Connecting Line Identification Presentation (CLOP)/Connecting Line Identification Restriction (CLOR)
22. International roaming
23. Frame relay service
24. Information based service/Financial based service/Information on demand (IOD)/Teleinfo service/Mobile information service
25. Common subscriber directory services
26. Common interactive multimedia services
27. Interactive voice response service
28. Private information service
29. 600 number service/toll free
30. Public electronic data interchange service
31. Short message service (SMS)
32. Value added network data service
33. Telecommunications personal service
34. Video conferencing
35. Call transfer
36. Private telecommunications network
37. Call barring
38. Local 1-300
39. Three Way Calling
40. Time Hotline
41. Financial Electronic Transaction

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